A Father’s Blessing

  My Father is a man of virtue, His values go beyond human comprehension, His love for me never wilts, His thoughts for me are always just. I am made in His image and I rejoice in His presence, for His grace empowers me. Though other men try to befuddle me, I do not fear,…

Pain, good or bad?

First things first, Forget about that person/thing/situation… that caused you pain, my thoughts right now aren’t directly associated with physical/emotional pain. Understand without Pain there is no satisfying gain. Do you identify with my reasoning? Without pain, most people don’t learn. Not because they don’t want to but because Humans can be stubborn, extremely stubborn….

The Veil

“They didn’t notice it then and they don’t notice it now, don’t notice that there’s nothing left behind the veil. Only Christ can get rid of the veil so they can see for themselves that there’s nothing there” – 2 Corinthians 3:14   I was just a girl when I met you The guys around…

The Truth About Forever. 

The truth about forever, Everyone asks what forever is, and that’s because they think it’s a feeling. Just like love which to some is a feeling and to others a choice. It’s the same as forever. It’s either you feel your forever is a feeling which means your “forever” could change or even stop. Or…

Letter to the man.

Why’d you come, You knew you should have stayed. I tried to warn you just to stay away. – Tyler J x


A beautiful piece by the talented Ekpeju Ogbemi xx


/I I’ve loved and I’ve lost, I looked beyond the pines, I thought I had, I thought I was full, But that was just an illusion. Brought about by my selfish thoughts, I guess I wasn’t as good as I thought, I guess life after all wasn’t a bed of roses but a long chain…