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Seeking Lifestyle.

Hey 🙂

With Summer in full swing, (this statement applies to those of us who don’t start school this month) a lot has been happening. You’ve probably gone for one or two events, a few house parties and definitely to see a movie.

Now, some of us may have gotten tired of our daily summer routines:

Gym in the morning > Lunch with the family > Movies with the main > House Party with the guys > then Quilox after, if you’re still feeling it.

Others just spent basically the whole holiday at home or if you’re like a few of us – sorting out school applications.

Anyways, while summer’s still blooming (for those of us not going to school in America – sorry Americana’s, it’s sad school starts in August for you), we need something new and exciting to fill up our time before the start of a new semester.

That’s why today we’re looking at modeling on Seeking Lifestyle.

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