I might not be human, I think I’m a seed.

Do you ever get to that point in your life where you feel like everything you’re doing isn’t working out? You know, that moment where your mind gets super hyper-active and starts to tell you things you’re not, just because of one little mistake or one little thing that didn’t go as planned. Well, let…

The Apostrophe’

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Seeking Touch: The Writer’s Edition (Lolu)

I left Lagos in a rush, like a vicious criminal. I was determined, electric and scared. Although there were feelings of excitement to be away from home, from the hands of strict-demanding parents or the troubles of the younger siblings, to be out on your own. I recall, packing was hella stressful, but I got away with it….

Seeking Voyage: Europa

Hallo daar! That’s Dutch for Hey there! This is the first Seeking Voyage Post 🎉🎉🎉 And I’ll be telling you how I spent my weekend. So I don’t know how many people have seen the movie Fault in our stars. I think a lot…? I don’t know, it was quite big when it came out….