A Father’s Blessing


My Father is a man of virtue, His values go beyond human comprehension,

His love for me never wilts, His thoughts for me are always just.

I am made in His image and I rejoice in His presence, for His grace empowers me.

Though other men try to befuddle me, I do not fear, I do not quiver, for I know His righteousness keeps me.


But with all the good He does for me I still defy him, undeserving of His grace.
I go against His will and throw away his signs.
How long more will He forgive my transgressions? I don’t know.


But ask me how long more I think He will continue to love me? and I can say for sure, Forever. He tells me this everyday and He shows it too.


Both His actions and words concur and they are inculcated in my life everyday.

I am thankful, I am grateful for a Father like mine. My Heavenly Father.

Although I don’t deserve his blessings, He continues to envelope me in them.


 Peter Michael.




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  1. Bolarinwa says:

    This is so beautifully written.well done love this!!!


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