Seeking Truth: Call to Grâce.

Hello Seekers! There’s an important message at the end of this so make sure you read through :)x

 Oh Grace!
What have I done to you?
You came in at my lowest

And gave me the highest.

I wore your shoes of gold

And showed them off, expressing feelings untold.
It fit me perfectly

Better than my old pair

I swore I’d throw them out

And yes I did do away with them.
Cause what good were worn out shoes?

With holes that gave me no image.
But then I found myself

Wandering through the dark alley i’d thrown them in

And I picked them up,

Dusting them with the garment you gave me.
Oh, the garment

Sprinkled with love and embodied with your light.

You told me it would cover my shame

And it would House your name.

And yes it did.
Until I used your garment to dust my old shoes.

And I put them on again.

Taking off my gold gain .
And so I wore them in the alley

Where I thought no one would see me

But alas, I was deceived by the shadow of my own thoughts

Because there you stood in your own garment of white

The one you promised me, once we left our temporary abode.
And in your eyes , I saw sympathy for I knew your heart grieved with mine

For I had taken your garment of praise and exchanged it for a garment of shame.
And as I looked down, I saw that I was indeed tainted.

For the happiness that lasted a moment had blinded me then

And now the veil was taken away, I could see what a mess I was.
But then, as my eyes started to fill with tears

I looked up and saw your arm stretched out

As you reminded me once again of your name,

Grace, you said.
For I am enough for you.
And I took your hand. Just as I had in the past.
Just as I will again tomorrow.
But then I pray as always, that I do not stretch Grace out.

That it’s elastic doesn’t wear out on my behalf.

Because in truth I want to experience Grace

But like Paul I do what I shouldn’t and hate what I do.

Like the Saint, I crave and struggle to do what’s right.

Like him, I’m broken yet redeemed.
So Grace, embrace me like you did yesterday.

Redeem me again, like you did on the cross long before.

Remind me that you loved me first before I loved you.

And tell me one more time that you knew me before I was and, you know what is becoming of me right now.
Shall I wear my old shoes and expect my feet to fit in your gold ones again?

Shall I return to the dark alley and hope you find me here again?

I’ll try not to.

Just like I said the other day.

But if I fail, I hope to see you again, and have you embrace me.

Cause while I lack the strength to overcome,

I know you will always be enough.

– Grace’s Cinderella x


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  1. Bolarinwa says:

    Very beautifully written! 💓💓💓


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