The Truth About Forever. 

The truth about forever,
Everyone asks what forever is, and that’s because they think it’s a feeling. Just like love which to some is a feeling and to others a choice. It’s the same as forever.

It’s either you feel your forever is a feeling which means your “forever” could change or even stop. Or its a choice which means your forever lives up to its name as forever.

Though people do really crazy stuff just to know what forever is, but they fail to realize forever could be the smallest thing they do or the smallest decisions they make on a daily. I mean someones forever could last for 2minutes, 5days, 6 weeks, 3 months, 5 years, or it could even be a second. Yess, yess! that’s how forever is at least to me. Most people fail to realize how their everyday decisions affect their forever.

I’m going to link Forever to happiness. You could choose to have your forever everyday. That would mean you would choose to be happy everyday, withstanding what everyone says, even when things might go bad. You look at the positive side even when you think there isn’t one. You just keep your forever going and try and solve the problem. Or you could wait for someone who would spark something in you to make you feel like you have a forever.

The only problem with this, which to me is the most diabolic, is the fact that that someone could choose to leave at anytime. That someone could take your forever from you whenever they feel like, they could take your happiness too.

So which do you Choose? The same thing could be said about love. Do you choose to love yourself and your neighbor no matter what and be happy? Or do you choose to wait for someone to love you before you are happy and then give them the power to take that happiness?

Which is It?

Kindest Regards,

Pm Von Cephas.


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