TV & what to watch this Christmas.

So it’s officially Christmas season and everyone’s pumped…… I think.

If you’re not like me and you actually don’t have exams to study for during the break, then this post is for you!

But if you’re like me & you still want to waste the next few weeks seated in front of your laptop screen, then go ahead and keep reading.

Hope you enjoy this post by Dokpe Wokoma, someone whose taste in both music and television, I’ve come to appreciate over time.

P.S, None of these shows actually have anything to do with Christmas ha :)x

Black Mirror.

A dark, satirical, disturbing drama about our society and how technology can affect our lives. Black Mirror is a thought provoking show where every episode is a self-contained story with its own separate cast, plot, and themes. Created by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror is a modern day retelling of “The Twilight Zone” with a focus on technology, and is a grim reflection of our own society.

There’s literally nothing like it on television, seriously. Do you remember that rumour about David Cameron and a pig? Well there’s an episode of Black Mirror about that, four years before it happened! That’s part of the brilliance of the show, its ability to take certain ideas infuse technology and then crank up the intrigue to 11. Every episode, no matter how far-fetched the technology, is always about how us humans behave. The technology is just a plot device.

How far would you go to create the ultimate horror game experience? What would you do if you could record every waking moment of your life? What can we do in the name of “justice”? Black Mirror poses all these questions and more leaving you to answer. Each episode is extremely well done and always emotionally heavy and will always leave shell-shocked and staring at your “Black Mirror” long after its finished.

Plus, Netflix just bought the series so get ready to start binge watching all the new seasons.


Bojack Horseman.

I never thought I’d end up enjoying an animated comedy about a world in which humans and anthropomorphic animals talk to each other, work together and even get married! Or that I’d feel so much love, hate and joy for a cat, dog or horse (that are eerily human-like). Bojack Horseman is brilliant in almost every way, from the voice acting to the jokes all the way to the animation style Bojack Horseman is a well thought out and carefully crafted masterpiece. The entire premise sets it up as one of the most interesting comedies created. Each episode always contains a few subtle jokes about the characters involved. There’ll be a scene in the gym where everybody jogging casually on the treadmill but there’s a leopard sprinting in the corner or you’ll spot a copy of “Romeow and Juliet” in a cat’s office. The best part is that these jokes don’t call attention to themselves but reward the viewer for paying attention instead and makes it fun to rewatch and catch things you missed.

The best part of the show however is its main character Bojack Horseman. A selfish, mean, arrogant and unapologetic drunk, the star of the show (who is horse if you haven’t guessed already) is one of the most sympathetic characters you’ll come across on any show. This show is able to show the effects of popularity, fame and people can profoundly affect your happiness and self-worth. Each season manages to you feel a whole range of emotions for Bojack, whether it’s because of the mistakes he has made, the opportunities missed or because of how much Bojack has developed as a character since you first saw him. The show tackles all these different emotions and situatuions that we go through day-by-day without being heavy-handy or preachy in its opinions. So if you’re looking for a fun, unique show with brilliant characters, clever humour and gut-wrenching moments definitely check out Bojack Horseman. Also Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad) is it in.


The Americans.

This show reminds me so much of Breaking Bad every time I watch it, not because it has similar characters, or a similar plot or even the identifcal themes but because it’s just so beautifully and masterfully written.

You know how in most shows there’s an episode or two in season that just feels meh, not that it’s necessarily bad but it didn’t feel exciting and just felt like it was trying to move the plot from A to B. This show is the exact opposite, every episode – and I mean every episode – is meaningful, each scene is crafted brilliantly and dialogue is both engaging and exciting. Now to actually talk about the show it’s about two undercover soviet spies who are married living in the U.S with two children. But more than it’s about the relationship between a husband and a wife, between a children and their parents, a patriot and his country and the immense strain these relationships go through because of their work in espionage. If that wasn’t enough at the very beginning of the show they have an FBI agent move in right across from their homes (more Breaking Bad vibes). The show is set in 80s during the Cold War so you can begin to imagine the type of things that they were doing as soviet spies. Tensions are always set high and the question of morality and patriotism come into play, is there such a thing as a morally wrong if it’s done in the name of good? The Americans doesn’t pose any character as good or bad, moral or immoral, patriotic or unpatriotic but instead lets you pick who you believe is doing the right thing. I honestly hope this show gets the Breaking Bad level of fame because it is so brilliant in every way.


Honourable mentions: You’re the Worst, The Get Down, Archer and a billion other shows that I watch.


N.B: If you’re into gory stuff then check out The Strain. You will not regret it 😉


– Reviewed by Dokpe Wokoma .


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