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With the end of secondary school in sight, it was easy to see why many of us were so eager to leave. People were getting expelled,Β  lives were becoming victims of naked gist and rebels were on the verge of sending the vice principal to a psychiatric ward . Life was getting chaotic and for a moment, I had almost forgotten that we had WAEC to write.

It was a Thursday morning and we had just finished another biology revision class when I decided to join Moyo for a quick dose of shisha. This was life everyday for us. Prep for exams, followed by chill time and a quick smoke. The boys took the raw stuff but we stuck to shisha. I remember the first taste on my lips – strawberries, my favorite flavor.

Miriam and Elizabeth had decided to join us today, and apparently, they had something big to tell us.

‘Moyo, you’re not gonna believe this’ Elizabeth said, drawing out a smoke and puffing it in the air.

‘What is it now?’ Moyo replied a bit hesitant. We were all sharing the pen and Eliza was taking her time.

We didn’t get the chance to hear Eliza out as a sassy looking Ss1 walked in on us. You know them types that think their lives have blown once they start wearing ties? Yeah, Tamilore was one of them.

We didn’t bother putting away the shisha pen. She wasn’t one to kiss and tell.

‘Guys, do you know what Koko has been going around telling people in our set?’ Tamilore spoke referring to one of the wanna-be’s in her set.

‘No. why should we care?’ Miriam asked rolling her eyes and passing the shisha pen to me. I shook my head, already getting tired of the dull taste in my mouth.

‘Apparently Moyo,’ Tamilore continued, ‘Koko has been giving your boyfriend, Mayowa.’

‘Are you sure?’ Moyo asked in one of her ‘i-dun-believe-it’ tones. ‘How do you know?’

‘Well, she has been going around telling everyone that Mayowa is going to leave you for her.’

Moyo looked at the rest of us unsure of whether to laugh or to scold the young prodigy.

‘Thank you Tamilore. If you don’t mind, you can go now.’

Tami left without saying another word. Once she did, we all burst out into laughter, all apart from Elizabeth.

‘You know she’s right.’ She spoke once our laughter had died down and everyone was passing the pen round again.

‘What do you mean?’ Moyo asked.

‘I mean, everyone’s been saying this for a while’.

‘And who is everyone?’ Miriam asked puffing the smoke out through her nose. I still needed to learn how to do that without looking like a bull dog.

‘That was what I was about to tell you. Tayo told me that Mayo had been giving these two babes. Don’t know who or when but that’s what he said.’

By now I had drawn another smoke from the shisha pen. I never really could get tired of it could I?

We all watched as Moyo began to laugh. First a chuckle, then a howl before ending up in what seemed to be a hellish roar. After this, she hissed then walked out.

We all looked at Eliza.

‘What?’ she asked. ‘She was bound to find out sooner or later.’

By the time evening came, the whole school knew that Mayowa Ire-Williams was a lying cheating bastard. But that was only half of it.


A few days had passed and I found myself in the library sitting next to Mayowa.

He had been crying for over an hour now, presumably about the situation.

I could never wrap my head around the fact why boys would cheat and cry.

Did they cry because they were guilty? Or they cried because they got caught?

I put my arm on his shoulder. I was never really the sentimental type, but who knew the high and mighty could fall in one night.

I didn’t want to ask any questions but I was eager to know who exactly he had been cheating with.

I wanted to ask, but that would make me the gossip monger. Plus, could he even trust me when I had ties with Moyo? We would never know.

‘I don’t know why I did it. I swear I regret it.’ he spoke up, after a while.

Hm, that’s what they all say.

‘Moyo was always there wasn’t she?’ I asked, trying my awful best to guilt trip him.

He gave me a death glare and I knew I had over stepped my boundaries. It was time for me to leave.

‘She was..’ he started again. Mind changed!

Staring at the math text book that lay in front of him he continued, ‘She’s always busy. That’s the problem. Head girl this, head girl that. What did you expect me to do? I get hungry too you know.’

I looked at him, stunned. I didn’t attack him, but he had replied so aggressively. I figured I had better leave soon before I got caught up in any thing. But before I stood up, he opened up his mouth again.

‘I gave Koko.’ He simply stated.

I rolled my eyes. Well of course you did, why do you think we’re seated here right now.

‘But for the past few months, I have been sleeping with Miriam.’

My head stopped functioning.

Which Miriam?

What did he mean by sleeping?

Closed eye sleeping or open eye sleeping?

But again, which Miriam? We both only knew one Miriam.

I think my face spoke up for me because he replied, ‘Our Miriam. Moyo’s best-friend.’


It was few days before graduation and theΒ Moyowa fairy-tale was over.

Moyo sat in her room, writing her graduation speech and I was helping out.. Me being the best in English and all, no mean to brag, ha.

That was when one of her close friends, Tolu came in. To be fair, Moyo had a lot of close friends but Tolu and Miriam were her closest. Her sisters from another mother was what she called them.

I made a move to leave the room when Tolu said she had something to tell Moyo.

‘You might want to sit for this one’ Tolu said to me as she made her way to Moyo’s bed.

Not denying my true calling as a gist monger, I sat down on my bed.

‘I’m quite happy you and Mayowa are not together again.’ she started off.

Moyo rolled her eyes. ‘Please, if this is about Mayo, I don’t wanna hear it.’

‘Oh trust me you’re going to want to hear this.’

‘Turns out Mayowa has herpes.’ Tolu spoke.

My eyes opened. Not that they were closed before, but they opened better now.

‘No way.’ I spoke out loud. ‘Did you two ever sleep together?’ I asked, moving close to Moyo’s side of the room as I watched her mouth open in surprise.

‘Well yes. I mean, I was the only one he slept with. I mean.. how did he get herpes? When? what? what if I have it? Oh my God. what is going on?’ Moyo asked frantically, tears starting to drop from her eyes. She was clearly confused but not as I was.

‘It’s not over.’ Tolu spoke.

At this point, I was all ears.

‘Do you know who else has herpes in the set?’

Oh no.

I swear I could see Moyo’s heart having mini palpitations through her house shirt.




Storyline: Ekpeju

Written with plot twists: Simi. Sorry about the errors x

Watch out for the E&S advice line and maybe a possible part 2?

Who knows :)x












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    I can’t wait for the next one to come it! This is very intriguing πŸ’“πŸ’—

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