Seeking Touch:The Writers Edition (OZ2)

This intense poem is by a brilliant Writer and Poet, Ozioma Iheagwam.


Feel free to check out her first post here.


Thoughts Of A Caged Tiger.

This is the situation. Thou shall escape. From the clutches of society, from the human expectations of family, from the meaningless goals of friends, from the mediocre wants of the body and soul, from the perceived normality of reality.

I have stirred a little in my sleep, amnesia is now a known force, I have a little bit of control, a little bit of understanding of my adaptive unconscious and it has created a monster.

A monster determined to be set free, to travel, to create beauty, to live, to learn, to create beauty, to live, to learn, to appreciate, to discover the true meaning of being alive, of having a heart beat, of falling in love with all of who I have become.


Ozioma Iheagwam.

Hi,  I’m 18 and I like to write because it’s exhilarating, and gives me an outlet to create.

2016-03-10 02.21.00 1.jpg




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