Seeking Touch: The Writers Edition (Oz)



Carpé Diem


Carpé Diem,
She said.
Get off your feet,
Feed your spiritual substantiality.
The end is almost
Coming to an end,
The truth has been brushed aside.
The demons have taken
Seats of high positions
The angels rot in graves.

Carpé Diem,
She said.
Throw away your bed
Feed your intellectual substantiality
The beginning has almost
Your competition has gone ahead.
You have crushed yourself
Under the rock,
The rock of worry.
You are never getting up,
Are you?
Carpe Diem indeed.


A poem by Ozioma I.

Hi,  I’m 18 and I like to write because it’s exhilarating, and gives me an outlet to create.

Feel free to check out her WordPress blog here.


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