Seeking Touch: The Writers Edition (M2)

Another beautiful poem by Marioo .


I saw him crying
In the dark area of the hallway
How odd it all was
Heartbreaker, cassanova
He was tagged as the emotionless type
Heartless,wicked, asshole, jerk
Those were synonymous with his name
My good angel popped on my shoulder asking me to stretch out a helping hand
Would have ,but for the time he made my best friend cry
“I didn’t even like her ” was his reply to me asking why,
Why he had hurt her so bad
I guess its karma
I walked away
Unknown to me the battle he keeps fighting that has proved here to stay
His father walked out on him
His mother doesn’t care
And now his grandma who’s proved mother,father & grandmama is on her death bed there’s only so much he can cope with
Fear of attachment, fear of loss, fear of emotion.

I walk into the bathroom, i hear sobs behind the stall
I see lily’s bag
I roll my eyes, appalled
Nasty, rude, cruel,superior
Wonder who taught her how to cry
I was definitely not going to saddle myself with why
I mean she’s so mighty and high
She can help herself
I carried my bag and walked out
Not knowing she was crying her eyes out
Her father beats her, makes sure she knows she’s not worth anything
Good for nothing
She’s insecure and broken
She doesn’t like to go home
She’s lashing on everyone
How to love? She’s never known

If i had said a word to Sam
If i had given lily a listening ear
Their broken little hearts would have found solace
And their world would be a better place
Me who knows of love
Me who values attachment
I should be a love spreader, a wound healer, a friend
There would have been a change if i had just stretched out my hand
“Be kind to unkind people, they need it the most ”
Easier said than done, I know
But do it and see people grow.



Hi I’m Marie and I’m 17. I write to vent, to express myself and also because it’s amazing when I get to put my soul on paper.

A poem by Marie O xx.



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