Seeking Touch: The Writers Edition (M).

This amazing poem is by my very own, Marioo .


Dear young boy
You’re scared you’re frightened
You want to cry
But the look on your aunty’s face “aren’t you a boy”
Makes you hold back the tears and cry at night.
You want to talk to daddy
You want him to teach you to play
But daddy’s always busy
Forgets your birthday
Dear teenage boy
You’re sad you’re frustrated
You’ve learnt that you cant cry
You’ll be rediculed & you cant even tell people why
Daddy beats you the slightest chance he gets
To express his frustration that you’re growing up
All you want to do is laugh with him
But he’s preoccupied with his knowledge and prestige
Dear newly turned adult boy
You’re a little hopeful
That as you’re now older
Maybe you’ll be enough for him
Maybe he’ll finally want to know what’s going on with you
Come to your room to talk things through
Share your views opposing or same
Argue them out and reach an equal ground
But he sees your opposing views as challenging him
He’s angered that you don’t think with his brain
His lack of love seeps through his words and actions
The hope you had increases the pain
Dear man
You’re indifferent & emotionless you don’t have any more hopes of a relationship with him
You don’t expect him to call
You wouldn’t know what to say, it’d be awkward
You never learnt how to love
Just pain, you were thought that expressive love is not for a man
The man you wanted to guide you through
Never took your hand
You’re grown now with no clue how to guide
Dear father
You’re lost and confused
You decided to do what your father did
Beat him up when you’re frustrated
Leave him to grow up alone
Your views are the only ones worthy of being known
Please remember the pain you went through
He is your son
We have to end this vicious cycle
Don’t let him hurt the way you did
Please please teach him how to love as he should.


Hi I’m Marie and I’m 17. I write to vent, to express myself and also because it’s amazing when I get to put my soul on paper.

A poem by Marie O xx.


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