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With Summer in full swing,Β (this statement applies to those of us who don’t start school this month) a lot has been happening. You’ve probably gone for one or two events, a few house parties and definitely to see a movie.

Now, some of us may have gotten tired of our daily summer routines:

Gym in the morning > Lunch with the family > Movies with the main > House Party with the guys > then Quilox after, if you’re still feeling it.

Others just spent basically the whole holiday at home or if you’re like a few of us – sorting out school applications.

Anyways, while summer’s still blooming (for those of us not going to school in America – sorryΒ Americana’s, it’s sad school starts in August for you), we need something new and exciting to fill up our time before the start of a new semester.

That’s why today we’re looking at modeling on Seeking Lifestyle.


Everyone knows top physical attributes of a model include: Tall, Skinny, [light skinned] & attractive.


But with the evolution of the fashion industry, people around the world are proving that you don’t need to have a certain body type or have the perfect face for you to be on the cover of a magazine.

  • What if I’m not the perfect size?

In reference to people fat-shaming her, the character Edna from Hairspray sang:

You can’t stop my happiness, cause I like the way I am
And you just can’t stop my knife and fork when I see a Christmas Ham!
So if you don’t like the way I look, well, I just dont give a damn!

Cause the world keeps spinnin’ round and round
and my hearts keepin time to the speed of sound
I was lost ’til I heard the drums, then I found my way
Cause you cant stop the beat
Ever since this whole world began
A woman found out if she shook it she could shake up a man
and so I’m gonna shake and shimmy it the best that I can today!
Cause you can’t stop the motion of the ocean or the sun in the sky
You can wonder, if you wanna, but I’ll never ask why
And if you try and hold me down, I’m gonna spit in your eye and say
That you can’t stop the beat!

*(You Can’t Stop The Beat).



  • What if my colour isn’t what they’re looking for?

*“Tomorrow is a brand new day, and it don’t know white from black”Β or dark skinned from light skinned.

So if you thought only models could pose for a head shot or a full body shot, then you thought wrong.


  • What if I’m not tall enough?

You’re never too short to take a picture. Even babies do it!


Tip: If you lack the confidence required to take pictures – like me, haha – try using a Snapchat filter. It gives you a definite 110% confidence boost. But boys, don’t be deceived.Β 

Dillion Kofi


Daniella & Simi

So, Next time you’re bored, just pick up a camera and try taking a few snapshots.


Pamela Adede

If you do want to go into the professional stuff though, here are a few qualities Modeling Scouts are looking out for:

  1. Confidence
  2. Poise
  3. Headshot
  4. Portfolio
  5. Preparedness
  6. Dressing the part


Or you could just save yourself the stress and do a fun, pressure-free shoot with a few friends. But don’t forget to treat yourself to a calorie filled snack before, during and after the shoot.

Models: (L-R) Precious, Pooky & Teghese

So, you don’t have to be the next Gigi Hadid to feel beautiful, remember:Β thick is the new thin, dark is the new light & you’re beauteous!

P.S, for the perfect shoot, all you need is a great smile πŸ™‚


Thank you to all those who sent in their photos, we tried to use as many as we could πŸ™‚

Photo Credit: Studio 24, Pam Adede, Dillion Kofi, Amelia Dress Shop.

*Quotes taken from You Can’t Stop The Beat – Hairspray’s soundtrack.


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  1. Dare Bolarinwa says:

    We need more of this people need to read stuff like this more often because some people believe you need to look a certain way to do certain things and that is not the case I’m in love with this post πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’“

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