Seeking Touch.

“What is art? To some people, its just a subject, but to me, well, its a feeling… Art is as a matter of fact, more than a feeling, its a way of life; its how I derive my sense of being”. -Ikeoluwa Odunjo (c 2016) .

Today, our guest writer and artist on Seeking Touch is Ikeoluwa Odunjo .

Hi Ike!

Art is a very important, or rather, a “major key” to everything in my life, and to be quite frank, it has influenced me in many ways, such as my choice of clothing, what I listen to and so on.

r4Gi7AOT.jpg large


Looking back, I just realised that I have always been artistically inclined; I was deeply rooted in it. Solace was very synonymous to anything related to the arts honestly speaking.


6vVrfN5u.jpg large


Why I didn’t realise this on time, I really don’t know, if I recall, I kept on searching for the same rhapsody I derived from art in every other discipline, and trust me when I say that this went on for a number of years.


TIHp79mS.jpg large


Art is honestly the best thing that has happened to me, in it I find purpose, tranquility and myself. Prior to “falling in art” I started to hone my writing skills as well, mainly focusing on poetry, and I have really improved. Currently, I am 18 years old, going to university in January 2017 to study Visual Art and Literature, and I intend to be the best in what I do.


U7MQZHav.jpg large


After many years of searching for who I am- my sense of being, I have concluded that I am Ikeoluwa Odunjo and Ikeoluwa Odunjo is art.

“1st, 2nd & 3rd attempts of anime designs on shirts (Obito, Pain and Naruto), practice really makes perfect”

Seeing her absolutely amazing talent would most likely bring you to the agreement that studying visual art & literature, brings Ike only a step closer to fulfilling her desire of becoming an artist.

A special thank you to Ikeoluwa, for being our guest writer & artist, today. Feel free to check out some of her work on Twitter.

If you want to be featured on the Seeking Touch segment (No matter what gift you possess), then feel free to contact us and we will be in touch.

P.S Don’t forget to check out out other artists – Dami Iyin & Victor.


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