Seeking Touch.

Hi Guys !

Seeking Touch is a new segment dedicated to discovering new talents and upcoming creators of their own work.

This Month, we’re seeking Art and talented artists.

Today’s post will be on our very first guest: DLadipo.

Screenshot_2016-07-27-16-36-50-1 [1327751]
Hi Dami

 My name is Damilola Ladipo. I’m 18 and I started drawing when I decided to study architecture. 


IMG-20160727-WA0014 [1327752]
Polished shoes by DLadipo

Before this, I could not draw


IMG-20160727-WA0012 [1327754]
House work Materials by DLadipo

Haha, he obviously could draw. He just didn’t know it yet.


IMG-20160727-WA0013 [1327753]
Wild Animal by DLadipo

I enjoy Listening to music and drawing of course. I also read novels a lot and I’m particularly into Ted Dekker’s books.


house [1327743]-page-001
House by DLadipo
Clearly, choosing to be an architect was one of the best decisions Dami ever made, because now he has not only had the opportunity to discover his talent, but also to develop it and this has opened many doors for him.

Many thanks to DLadipo for being our first guest .

If you want to be featured on the Seeking Touch segment (No matter what gift you possess), then feel free to contact us and we will be in touch.

P.S Don’t forget to check out out other artists – Ike , Iyin & Victor



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