Lemon Curd: The Event.


Congratulations are in order for all those who got their results and were impressed by their grades. It could only have been.. GOD!

Happy for you guys.

For those of us, who took Saturday off to celebrate and showed up at the Lemon Curd event in V/I, good for you!

If you didn’t though, the only other place you could have gone to would be to see Suicide Squad, except there’s a perfectly good explanation for your lacking social life. By the way, for those who have seen the movie, how was it??p11319046_p_v8_af

I heard the plot was bad but the soundtrack was GREAT. Well of course it was, Twenty One Pilots (One of the greatest alternative bands of all time – check them outt!) were on it for their song, Heathens … ah! the excitement.TwentyOnePilotsSuicideSquad

So, the Lucid Lemon event which aimed at seeking out young talented individuals, saw people show case those talents.jNdVNbP7.jpg large

People showed off aesthetic work in the form of poetry, spoken word, singing and comedy (from Comedian Ebiye).

So unfortunately, things started out really late due to some technical issues here and there but it didn’t delay the fun.

During the period, people were chilling, there was food & drinks, good vibes and guys turned out to have a good time. There was also henna and a lot of people got their hands henna’d. People also sold stuff – Best place to make money innit?

Clearly, despite the country’s economic situation, people are still bent on having a great summer.

If you didn’t know Nigerians were into alternative, now you do. There was Jazz, African music, cultural vibes & the turn out was great.

When the event started, people moved to the front to check out the absolutely talented performers:

Sammie Bizzle

Chinedu Odibeli




Lanaire Aderemi




Efe Jazz

Timmy T

Remy Baggins


It was a good day for aesthetic lovers and even nature could’t help but hold the rain so we could all enjoy the evening.

It was really good, I didn’t even know Nigerians were into this alternative movement.. It was very different and that’s one thing I really liked about it – Ekpeju.

So, if you’re into this kind of stuff,  you can check out a few of the performers listed. I personally recommend Chinedu & Sammie.

Feel free to tell us about similar events you’ve gone for and also recommend any upcoming artists you’d like us to check out.

Ekpej & Sims xx


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