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On Saturday the 30th, Campus Square mini stadium held one of the biggest summer events of the year and probably the biggest soccer event in Lagos this summer. Yep! You guessed right, Konami.

In case you’re wondering what Konami is, it’s one of the most anticipated charity events and social gatherings in the city of Lagos.

Hosted by the Change Africa Foundation, the event (in its 4th edition), seeks to raise money every year for orphanage homes, in this soccer fiesta.

So if you were like a few people that decided to sit this one out and watch from the comfort of your Twitter timeline or Snapchat, then you probably missed all the fun.

Or maybe you’re just not into rowdy places and sweaty people, well no problem because we’re giving you the highlights from what went down, at the event – Much love to Ekpeju for covering for us!


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So, contrary to what those of us thought, despite the heavy rain that shook Lagos this morning, people still made it to Campus stadium.

For those of you who thought you didn’t miss much cause not everyone had fun, twitter polls lied! Everyone had a great time in fact, the right word to describe today would be lit.

Since there were a lot of people there and there was so much going on, we aren’t quite sure what the results looked like.

What we do know:

Social Leaders  V.      Team Konami

Team Ruby        V.      Platinum (Female version)

Mtv Base            V.     an All Stars celebrity team

If you’re still thinking thank God I didn’t go, then check out the A-listers that showed up:

  • Bollylomo

  • Adekunle Gold

  • Dremo

  • Ehiz

  • Akpororo

  • YCEE

  • Mayorkun

  • Koker

  • Miss. DSF

  •  AY The Comedian


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So apart from the fun that those who went had, the children from the orphanages also had sack races, tug of war and they got a chance to show off their dabbing skills in a competition. I guess Olamide isn’t the king of dab anymore.

Speaking of which, my favourite Nigerian, Olamide, didn’t grace the event with his presence. Oh well, there’s always next year.

Now for those of us wondering where the money raised will go to, it will be given to the six orphanages that participated in the event.

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Feel free to tell us what you thought about the event and if you didn’t go, where were you???

I hope everyone who saw people from their twitter timelines had the guts to say hi. You never know when you’d meet your next big thing uno.

Btw, sorry if any of you got your stuff stolen, or came back home late and got the talk. What went down, went down and you had fun so that’s all that matters.

Also, at CIS today, another soccer event, Tekkers, took place. If you went for that, feel free to tell us what went down and how you enjoyed it.

Looking forward to next year’s Konami event – just another reason to meet new people and have a good time.

This is the Ekpeju babe btw xx

Ekpeju O.  Peter M.  Simi A.

Photo Credit: Kizito. Thank you KT lite!


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  1. Dare Bolarinwa says:

    One of the articulated pieces!! I have seen and its so different from what is normally posted and it was very well put together and relevant I love it!💗💗💗💗

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  2. Susan says:

    This is so good, beautiful talents and ideas. Keep up with it 👏👏. Glad i finally had to read your different articles❤❤❤

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