What if our..?

Okay so,

Our actions have consequences right?
Every little flick of the hair
A blink of the eye
Down to the sweat on our noses.
Whether we caused it or lost it
We’re gonna pay, for our purses
Can’t cover these losses.

But then what if we knew what we did
Not just because our deeds
Had, triggered our conscience.
So we become tense
And lose sense
But only because,
we’re a guilty cause.

And so we live in the moment.
Forget, all our comments
Its no use because,
We’re feeling the pleasure
Can’t count or re measure
What’s left of our selves.

But when its time to give back
We sit and relax
To think of what shouldn’t
And pray our souls wouldn’t
Be condemned with shame
Just Because we couldn’t tame
Our minds and emotions..
Them thoughts and them feelings.

So we lived in the moment
Enjoyed our mind’s torments.
Now we take it back
And hope to not lack
The feeling of peace
That came with innocence.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I want to make a spoken word on this, Simi…………….


    1. simiak says:

      yeah, i guess you can. give credit though πŸ™‚


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