Girl Power.

The jewellery in this chest.

It holds a past story.

And awaits future glory.


There’s something in this vessel.

A soul made of pure gold.

It’s been through the test of flaming fire.


No one will ever understand her worth.

The vessel provides a hiding place for her.

She’s within her comfort zone.


She realizes her worth.

She tries to make others understand too

Without being proud, or being shady.


She tries and she fails.

So she stays in her chest.

To avoid being worn or judged; so there are no questions asked.


She tries and she fails.

She’s a magnet.

It’s a blessed curse; what one would see as a lightweight burden.


But its her chest to carry

Her vessel to dwell in

She knows what she carries.

She can’t use it yet

So she wont lose it yet.


This is a piece I wrote about a girl who knows of her value and her worth. Living in a generation with people who do recognize what it means to be a vessel that must remain pure until the time is right, she tries to explain but of course, no one understands.

Simply stated, this girl can be described as a princess with a box of gold that attracts attention. She knows how valuable her box of gold is and so she tries to keep off wanting eyes and hungry souls. But of course if you had a box of gold, it would be hard to warn people to stay away or share with someone without being shady or come off as being proud.

This is what the girl tried to do, and she failed. no one understood her valuable box because inside it wasn’t physical gold but also, her identity as a woman.

She won’t use this gold, the elements in the box, but she would wait until it was time to adorn herself with what it is she had been gifted from the beginning of time. box of gold





One Comment Add yours

  1. Dare Bolarinwa says:

    I love this so much!!! Girlpower I’m feeling that 💕


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