Hey Seeker! Welcome to Seeking Vous.

Thanks for checking us out today. Feel free to follow the blog by dropping your email address at the bottom of the page (You will get a confirmation there, so don’t forget to check and click on the link). You can also like the posts, and drop a comment or two. P.S, don’t forget to share it 😉

If you’ve got any questions on any of the posts: Drop a comment or visit the contact page on the blog, follow the instructions and we will definitely get back to you.

One question we get asked is why the name, Seeking Vous? Well, Vous is the French word for You and this blog isn’t just about the bloggers, but the seekers too 🙂

In addition, we’ve got different segments that you can check out by taking a look at the categories tab & picking whatever interests you.

So yeah! We’re making big changes this season and we’d like to carry you guys along with it. The vision remains the same, to seek. But the direction has changed.

To find out more, follow us on the journey as we:

seek & find :)xx


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