img_2269-3You might be the only one standing, but you might also be the only one giving others light. 

In the dark times that we are in, Seeking Vous has decided to be a light house.

Call us an apostrophe – a symbol to remind you that there’s more to see.

So, why do you think you’re here?



The road might be bumpy, confusing and it might look like you are the only one on the path.

img_2261-1It might also also look rough and unsteady, a sign that you should give up this self-discovery journey you are on and succumb to the path drafted for you by the world you live in.


img_2276At other times, it may look a bit more straightforward, like yes, you finally have it all figured out.


img_2262-1Or it may be a bit confusing. Should I keep going straight or take the next exit?

img_2301Or maybe it feels like your path is stormy, with high tides and no help in sight.

img_2321And sometimes, it may look like low tides, with muddy ground that keeps holding your feet back whenever you try to make progress.


But finally – you’re forging your own path and leaving the world’s behind.



So if you’re curious about why you’re on this path called life, what to do while you’re here or maybe what it is that life keeps hitting you in the face with, join us on this journey as we seek & find.


The Vous Team.

Twitter & Instagram: @SeekingVous